Motorcycle cop caught on camera drag racing gets his job back

An Alabama police officer who resigned after a street racing incident is back on the job. And the city's police chief says a big reason why is social media.

Montgomery Police Chief Kevin Murphy is reminding his officers that the camera is always on and their actions will be scrutinized.

"We were thrust into this situation where an incident occurred that made it's way to the Internet and really worldwide," Chief Murphy said.

The incident he's talking about: Montgomery Officer Carlos Rogers caught on camera agreeing to and racing another motorcyclist. Twice.

Watch the races here

That was earlier this week. He resigned before the department reprimanded him. But on Thursday, he got his job back and is remorseful for his actions.

"I don't want to make up any excuse for what I did," Rogers said. "I'm so thankful for that the city of Montgomery Police Department is a place of a second chance or another chance."

Chief Murphy says he received several calls and e-mails that were both supportive and critical of his office's actions. While he says social media didn't play a factor in changing his mind, it made the story an important one.

"It's a powerful story because what can happen in Montgomery, Alabama can go viral and be on the other side of the planet in 10 minutes."

The motorcyclist who recorded the race that lead to his resignation started a petition to have the officer reinstated. He says he's happy everything worked out in the officer's favor.