Mother admits to mummifying son's body in alcohol for 18 years

In the Soviet state of Georgia, a mother claims she has preserved her son's dead body for 18 years by rubbing it with alcohol and wrapping it in sheets.

Joni Bakaradze died at age 22, before his turned 2, Joni's family decided to not to bury him but instead preserve him so his son would "see what kind of father he had."

The Georgian News spoke with the mother who allowed their camera crews inside to see her son.

The so-called "mother's mummy" was preserved initially by balsam but after four years, his mother said she was told to change her methods.

"One night I had a dream when a voice told me, 'Treat Joni using rubbing alcohol'," she said.

"So from then on I've been using wet sheets dipped in alcohol to preserve the body."

His mother, Tsiuri Kvaratskhelia, even changed her son's clothes on his birthday.

She kept her deceased son in a casket that had a window for the family to view him.

She says her grandson believes the family made the correct decision in preserving the body as he "started to love his father"

Source: Georgia News