Moore teachers get help to resupply classroom after the tornado

The impactof the deadly tornado in Moore continues to haunt the town. Now as teachers andstudents prepare for the upcoming school year, many of them will be startingnew in a new school in a new classroom. For the teachers this means restockingsupplies and gadgets that took them years to build up.

"I'mnot ready yet we still have a few weeks, we are for sure going to be ready bythen though and are going to try and make it the best year possible for all thekids coming back, Briarwood teacher GinaJanzen said.

Mrs. Janzen and herfellow teachers are getting help from the organization Donors Choose. Thenon-profit helps teachers across the country create innovative learning spacesby connecting them with donors. And when the tornado hit Moore in May the groupstarted a project specifically for the community.

"We had a goal of raising over half a million dollars that'swhat we raised in Joplin a couple of years ago, and we said we can based on thenumber of schools and number of teachers effected we believe we can raise thatamount again and we so thrilled to reach the fundraising goal above that, $700,000 to date", Donors Choose Outreach MangerAndy Wright said.

Not only will teachersget a piece of the $700,000, they can also go on the website and create theirown request for items just like teachers across the country can.

"Pretty much the skies the limit, you can get anything fromteaching supplies to any kind of electronic things to furniture desks or beanbags for the kids," Janzen said.

Janzen and a PlazaTowers teacher Tabitha Baughman both have gotten listen centers through a grantfrom Baughman says she's also requested book shelves alongwith math games and interactive tools. The grants help them bring a sense of normalcyback after such a tragic situation.

"I thinkthe biggest challenge is going to be to make sure the kids have that sense ofnormalcy, like nothing is really changed, like we are trying to bring things back to normal, and tojust let them all know we still have all the comforts that we had before,"Baughman said.

You can help fund the teachers from Moore's projects by visiting Donors Choose and donating money to their cause.