Moore police report uptick in "disturbing" burglary cases

Police in Moore are investigating an above-average number of burglary cases. In the span of just three days at the end of May, three homes were hit, police said. Two were burglaries in the first degree, where crooks struck while people were still at home. "These people are actually going in homes that are pretty obviously are occupied, so that's pretty disturbing for us," Sgt. Jeremy Lewis said.Lewis said in one case, a woman woke up because someone was in her room, but assumed it was her daughter and went back to sleep.Police believe the same people were behind at least two cases. They were able to connect the crimes thanks to a home security system several homes away."We have a great neighborhood... and we want to keep it that way," Dennis Carroll said.He is the system's owner. After an incident at his house, Carroll said he decided to beef up security, but not just for him."I wanted to make sure that our neighbors were protected too, even when they didn't know they were being protected," he said.His system is made up of four cameras that can scan about half of the homes on his block."These new cameras get very good video, and it really helps us. We solve a lot of our crimes now with home video," Lewis said.Lewis said officers are close to wrapping their investigation on the burglaries and making arrests.