Moore Moves Forward With Projects

The City of Moore is moving forward with construction projects delayed due to the deadly May storms.

"The healing is beginning," said Steve Eddy, City Manager for the City of Moore.

One major project includes the new Public Safety Center across the street from Moore City Hall. Eddy says the Public Safety Center was a project at least two years in the making.

Stan Drake, Assistant City Manager for the City of Moore, oversees the project, he says the center made it through the May 20th tornado, but was not spared during the May 31st storm.

"There was some roof damage and then there was some debris that flew into the building," said Drake.

Drake says the center was slated to open in September, but the grand opening has been pushed back to December.

"Construction was never put on hold completely but it's slowed down quite a little bit," said Eddy.

Despite delays, Moore city officials say it won't be long before residents see progress in city construction projects. As crews continue working on the Public Safety Center, city officials are preparing to break ground on a new park on Broadway and 4th Street.

"We'll be presenting a proposed plan for that park to the city council next week," said Eddy.

Eddy expects park construction to begin early next year, which is on schedule with the plans set before May's storms-- a sign that the Moore community is healing.

"It gets better every week," said Drake.