Moore Medical Center prepares to re-open in temporary home after tornado

Six months after the May 20th tornado destroyed Moore Medical Center, the hospital will soon be open for business.

"It's exciting to be back and to be open again," said Nick Stremble, ER Manager at Moore Medical Center.

Stremble and several hospital employees spent Sunday afternoon getting their temporary home ready next to the Warren Theatre, not far from where their original hospital once stood.

"We've seen a lot of the patients who were actually there that day," said Stremble, "and they've come by and said they're looking forward to be back at the hospital that they're used to going to."

Stremble says many patients have spent the last six months receiving treatment and medical services at other sister hospitals, like Norman Regional Medical Center.

As hospital employees make their way up the stairs at the temporary Moore Medical Center, the bungalows don't look like much-- but Stremble says looks can be deceiving. Emergency room, diagnostic imaging, and lab services will be housed in these buildings.

"On the inside, it's actually pretty big," he explained, "we'll have 15 rooms, we'll be able to see as many patients as we were before the tornado."

For hospital patrons, like Marla Merts and her family, seeing the temporary hospital open is a sign of their community's resilience.

"It's a big milestone, just to show that they can get it done so quickly," said Merts.

It will take some time before blinds, pipes, and sinks move into a permanent hospital, but members of the Moore community say this temporary solution is still a major step to rebuilding the city of Moore.

"Hopefully sometime within the next two, two and half years we'll have a new building open in Moore," said Stremble, "and it will be better than it ever was before."

The permanent hospital is expected to open by Fall 2016. Pending a health inspection, officials hope to open Moore Medical Center Monday afternoon.

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