Moore family starts recovery in new home

Outside Maylene Sorrels' hard-hit neighborhood in Moore, storm clouds rolled overhead. Inside her home a fresh start.For Sorrels and her 10 children, THIS is day one inside their newly re-built home.Sorrels worked at Plaza Towers Elementary during the storm, her children at schools across Moore. Everyone made it out okay, but their recovery's been a year in the making."It's obvious there's still a lot of work left to do here in Moore, empty driveways leading to empty lots, construction that still needs to be finished all the while help organizations here saying they're beginning to wrap up operations," Sorrels said. The Red Cross is working to hand out it's last bit of donations and local groups like Serve Moore are beginning to wrap up work.In a post online, the group says while they're not leaving town today, they're changing focus from tornado recovery to community renewal.Many aid groups say now that a year has passed, it's time to move on.For the Sorrels family, they got several thousand dollars in furniture donated from Bob Mills, just a glimpse of the ongoing goodwill. Goodwill that is slowly tapering away."I am just so very grateful for the many people that have helped, not just the furniture from Bob Mills, but everyone who helped get my children and I back home," Sorrels said. Groups like Serve Moore still have plans to be in Moore through this year but several other aid organizations say they are scaling back operations.