Moore family gets home rebuilt following Fox 25 town hall

FOX25 continues to see results from our tornado town hall meeting in July. One family in Moore finally got the news they've been waiting for.

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The Strouhal family was convinced their house needed to be torn down and rebuilt, but their insurance company was telling them a different story. Because our town hall meeting was able to connect them with the insurance commissioner, they can now breathe a sigh of relief

Aaron Strouhal told FOX25's Christine VanTimmeren, "The insurance company took that information and decided, well guess what, Mr. Strouhal was right. The house really does need to come down"

Since the May 20th tornado, it's bee nothing but a battle for Strouhal and his insurance company. One that he took to our town hall meeting looking for advice.

"My wife and I weren't going to give up," he said. "We weren't going to accept their answer."

Strouhal knew the mold, the structural and water damage were enough to call his home a complete loss, but his insurance company didn't think so.

"Everybody that looked at it that wasn't employed by my insurance company all said the same thing, this house really needs to come down," said Strouhal.

Kelly Collins, communications director for the Oklahoma Insurance Department said, "Some of the lines of communication can get broken and since we are the insurance experts we can kind of look at that."

That's exactly what happened. Insurance commissioner John Doak and his office worked on behalf of the Strouhal's, making calls and trying to find a solution.

"All the right people were able to get on the same page and we had a happy ending here," said Collins.

Strouhal said, "I really appreciate commissioner Doak's help on being my consumer advocate for me, speaking up for the consumer, the little guy."

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Strouhal is so thankful for a resolution, but he knows others are still struggling. He says many of his neighbors are having the same problems with their insurance companies. The Oklahoma Insurance Department says they are aware of the problems, and they want the public to know they are here to fix them. For those who take an active roll like Strouhal, the results come easier.

If you would like to get in contact with the insurance commissioner you can call 1-800-522-0071.