Moore Band Gets Big Donation from Out of Country Group

Strangers from another country donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to help the people of Moore. A group from the Philippines contacted Moore's Mayor, asking how they could help, and the end result is a donation so large and generous, it could make you sing.

Music.. is coming back to Moore, after it was taken from them in the May 20th and 31st storms. "From instruments to other equipment, to even my desk," says Angie Taylor, Band Leader at Highland East Jr. High in Moore.

"All of their instruments were blown away in the tornado," says Mayor Glenn Lewis, of the City of Moore. It was possibility the band program was going to have to be canceled for the upcoming school year.

"I don't know how we would have had instruments for everyone," says Taylor. That is.. until a group from more than eight-thousand-miles away stepped in to help. The Felix Y. Manolo Foundation from the Church of Christ in the Philippines traveled overseas, to Moore, to donate $50-thousand to the Highland East Jr. High's band. "This is amazing, the outpouring of love and encouragement, and donations from someone we don't even know," says Taylor.

In addition, the group donated $50-thousand each to the Moore Police Department, the Moore Fire Department, Plaza Towers Elementary School, and Briarwood Elementary School. "A total of $300-thousand dollars!" exclaims one of the donors.

"The kids are our future, so they need it more than anyone I know right now," says Mayor Lewis.

"Our district suffered unimaginable losses.. Things that we never imagined would happen in our district," says Superintendent Susan Pierce, of Moore Public Schools. Moore officials say the incredibly generous gifts

Moore officials say this incredibly generous donation has helped in more ways than the donors will ever know. "It gives you a great feeling that there's other people that care about you, and that's probably more needed in this community than money," says Mayor Lewis.

"It just shows me that we can bring music back to Highland East," says Taylor.