Mom's funny struggle to get twins in bed is awesome and adorable

Moms with twins will tell you that getting them both to bed can be challenge. A Norwegian mother decided to try a new tactic to get her kids to sleep on time, only to fail miserably.Henriette Jonassen wrote on her blog that she's been having a difficult time getting her twins to bed on time because of the heat and long days. So a friends suggested separating the twins. She was certain it wouldn't work so she set up a camera.After recording the fun, she sped up the video and posted it to Facebook and then YouTube. It instantly picked up 100,000 views on Facebook and later got more than 850,000 on YouTube. Henriette writes on her post that after the post, she said some comments turned hateful and called her a bad mom. Click here to see her response to the calls from commenters who said she should spank her children for getting out of bed.