Falling ice leads to dangerous drive for holiday travelers

When the sun comes out after the winter storm, keep your eye on the sky. Ice falling off power lines and traffic signals, make a close call for drivers across the metro.

"We're always looking up now," said Don Yardley, who drove to Oklahoma City from Memphis for the holiday weekend

Before Yardley filled up at the gas station on Christmas Eve, getting to the pump-- was like a game of dodgeball.

"It was not pretty," said Yardley, laughing.

Yardley can laugh about it now, but he's not the only driver who skated by the line of fire.

"A big branch fell, it hit the top of the car," said Steven Woodard, "it really didn't do anything to the windshield, but I mean, it was scary though."

Ice on trees created a dangerous drive for Woodard.

"It doesn't make me feel safe at all," said Woodard.

With falling ice becoming a problem across the Oklahoma City metro, OHP advises everyone to be extra careful.

"We're just encouraging people to look up as they're driving down the road, pay attention, and be aware," said Lt. Brian Orr, with OHP.

When large glistening chunks of ice litter the sidewalk, OHP says the best thing to do is stay home.

"Enjoy this holiday time, and then, hopefully you won't have to worry about that anyway," said Lt. Orr.

Yardley hopes the ice will disappear by the time he heads back to Memphis-- but until then, it's heads up, when there's a risk of falling ice..

"We're very cautious, very cautious," said Yardley.

Lt. Orr says if ice breaks your windshield, you can call *55 to file an incident report with OHP before contacting your insurance company.