McDonald's Japan now delivers missing items left out of orders

Hate when you do the drive through, only to discover that order of fries are missing?

McDonald's in Japan will deliver those missing items, but make sure you have the receipt.

Many may already know that McDonald's Japan delivers meals to your front door, but what you might not know is they will also deliver items that were purchased in-store that didn't quite make it into the bag.

If you find yourself in the scenario described above, simply call up the McDonald's location you purchased your item from and you can potentially receive your missing item.

If you have your receipt and it shows that you ordered two Big Macs but only received one, a McDonald's employee will promptly deliver your second Big Mac.

McDonald's Japan states that you must have proof that the order wasn't fulfilled correctly (your receipt) to receive a forgotten item, but even if you can't, you won't go away empty-handed from the inconvenient situation.

If you are sure you ordered two Big Macs, but the receipt only reflects that you ordered one, you can still call up McDonald's and report your missing Big Mac. In this case, since you have no written proof of ever ordering two burgers and you only paid for one, a McDonald's employee will still come out to your residence, but will deliver a free meal deal coupon and a sincere apology instead of an actual Big Mac.