Matthew Durham pleads not guilty to charges of child sex crimes

Matthew Durham is accused of traveling to Kenya on a mission trip and engaging in sex acts with children.

The Edmond teenager accused of sexually abusing children at a shelter in Kenya has pleaded not guilty in federal court.19-year-old Matthew Durham pleaded not guilty to the charges Friday during a federal hearing.Durham was indicted earlier this week on three charges: traveling with intent to engage in illicit sexual conduct, engaging in sexual conduct, and aggravated sexual abuse. According to the indictment, the crimes happened between April 30 and June 17.Durham traveled to Nairobi, Kenya and volunteered at the Upendo Children's Home between April and June, federal agents say. A federal filing states that "in early June 2014, the live-in caretaker at Upendo began to notice odd behavior... and found Durham late at night lying beside some of the children..."Durham's attorney has called the claims preposterous and compared it to a Hollywood script.Tuesday, he was indicted on the charges and on Thursday he was ordered to be held in custody until his trial, reversing a ruling by a magistrate judge to grant a $10,000 bond.