Marine, Soldier take upside down American flag in Albuquerque protest

(WARNING: Graphic language)

A new viral video showing a U.S. Marine and solider taking a flag from two protesters in Albuquerque, N.M., has sparked a heated First Amendment debate.

In the short video, two protesters riding on a motorized scooter are seen holding the America flag upside down. Two men, one wearing a U.S. Marines T-shirt and another sporting an Army tee, sprint after the protesters and eventually yank the flag away and leave with it. It should be noted that neither men have been identified or confirmed as active or former military.
It is also unclear when the video was recorded, however it was uploaded to YouTube on Monday.

We serve our f***ing country, that's bulls**t! one of the men shouts in the video.

While some have heralded the men as heroes for demanding the U.S. flag be respected, others have argued they are hindering the protesters right to free speech that soldiers fight and give their lives to protect.

The protesters were reportedly demonstrating over police fatally shooting a homeless man. The FBI is apparently investigating the shooting.

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