Marine gets short leave to surprise sister on her wedding day

Last weekend, the day Sarah Atwood had been waiting for finally arrived. She was marrying the man of her dreams but her day wasn't perfect. She spent the night before her wedding crying on the mother's lap after learning her brother, and best friend, couldn't be there because of his duty as a Marine. Then something incredible happened.As Sarah was getting prepped for pictures, her best friend walked in, dressed in his cammies. Sarah said in the video she knew something was up by the way everybody was acting."I was kind of confused, because people were acting really funny. Everyone was looking around the corner, and I was just like, 'Is something wrong and they're just not trying to tell me so I don't stress out?'"Nope. Nothing was wrong at all. Her family, and the Marines, had made something great happen.Daniel Atwood had been given a short leave, one day, to be exact. He was able to be there in time for his best friend and sister's wedding day.