Many residents in The Village say OG&E is cutting their trees down.

Many residents in The Village are upset with trees being cut down.

"It's just so annoying," said Sarah Plaisance who enjoys spending time outside with her baby boy. But lately Sarah says the sound of chainsaws has kept her from enjoying nature.

"It's just really really loud."

Sarah says crews from OG&E regularly cut down trees in The Village.

"They just walk into your backyard and cut stuff down."

According to Sarah sometimes they don't even ask permission.

"Some neighbors may not want their trees cut down."

OG&E says as a safety precaution they cut the tree when the limbs get too close to the power lines. In a statement they went on to say "OG&E is obligated to manage the growth of vegetation around its facilities to ensure safe operation of its electrical facilities and to provide reliable power to all customers."

"I'm happy about it," said The Village resident Allyson Norick.

"I couldn't have afforded to have the trees trimmed. It costs a lot of money to cut down to big trees."

Still Sarah wishes it would stop

"They just don't have any respect for any of the people in the neighborhood."
Customers can report concerns about OG&E's tree trimming efforts by calling Customer Service at 272-9741.