Man rescues puppy from deep slot in canyon

Riley after being discovered in the canyon. (Youtube/CanyonPuppy)

While in a deep slot canyon in the Arizona desert a hiker discovered and rescued a starving puppy and made a new friend. In 2010, Zak Anderegg was hiking 350 feet below the surface in the deep slot canyon when he encountered the starving dog deep in a pothole. Without hesitation, Anderegg climbed back up the canyon and gathered food and bowls to bring back down to the dog. Anderegg came back down to the pothole to deliver the food before leaving the canyon to gather supplies. A few days later, Anderegg was back at the canyon with his ATV, a pet carrier and his hiking/climbing supplies. He descended back into the canyon and loaded the dog in the carrier. He then safely brought the dog to the surface. The dog, who was then too weak to stand, was taken to a vet where it remained for a few days. After the dog's stay at the vet it was allowed to go home with Anderegg. Anderegg named the dog Riley and after a few weeks at home the dog started to regain its health. The video of the rescue was posted in 2013 but has just recently gone viral. (Video Source: Youtube)
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