Man dressed as 'scary clown' assaulted

Photo courtesy of CNN Newsource.

(CNN) -- Police are still searching for those responsible in an assault of a New York man dressed as a clown on Halloween. Troy resident Ray Felix says he was dressed up in a scary clown costume this Halloween as a treat for his friend's birthday. When he was walking home that night, a stranger gave him the worst trick of the night. Ray says a group of men yelled lewd comments at him and then one followed, assaulted him and left him knocked out on the street. "I had an open wound on the back of my gums were all ripped open," Felix said.Out of the dark situation has come some light as Felix's friends have set up a donation site to help pay his medical bills. Felix says the site raised it's goal of $10,000 dollars within 24 hours. "It's pretty powerful," Felix said. Felix says it does make him nervous to know that two weeks later his attacker has yet to be caught, it's the response from friends, family and even perfect strangers that has got him through the ordeal. "For something really horrible to happen, I mean, this has over shadowed that a thousand times."
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