Man charged with murder for death of JaRay Wilson

19-year-old Tucker McGee was arrested in connection to JaRay Wilson's death Tuesday, the same day officials believe they found her remains north of Weatherford.

The State has filed murder charges against a man they say killed a teen and left her in a field north of Weatherford.

19-year-old Tucker Mcgee was charged with first degree murder Friday, for the murder of JaRay Wilson, and denied bail by a judge in Custer County.

The courtroom was packed with friends and family members of JaRay. There was also support for McGee. His friends say they want justice for JaRay too, but they don't' believe McGee is the one who committed this terrible crime.

"Instantly there was a big group of us that said no it's not him, because know him," said McGee's friend Mercedes Martin.

Investigators from the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation began investigating human remains found two miles north of the Weatherford airport. They believe they are those of the 14-year-old who disappeared in October 2012.

"This is the way it's supposed to work," said Custer Co. District Attorney Dennis Smith. "Agencies work together and I'm really appreciative of the efforts that they have done in this."

In an affidavit filed in court Friday, new details were released regarding JaRay's disappearance and the circumstances surrounding what officials say is her murder.

The report states a 'cooperating individual' told them on Monday, Dec. 16, 2013, where to find JaRay Wilson's body. The report says the individual told them he saw McGee shoot Wilson at the location and hide her body on October 14, 2012. The individual told officials he and McGee returned the following day to bury her body deeper in the woods.

Officials drove to the area around 7:30 that night but were unable to find anything because it was too dark. The following morning, law enforcement and the Oklahoma Medical Examiner's office searched and reported finding a human skull.

The same day, law enforcement said they were monitoring conversations between the same 'cooperating individual' and McGee when they confirmed their belief that McGee had killed her.

A .22 caliber pistol that belongs to McGee's father is believed to have been used in the murder. The report states McGee's father told authorities the gun was missing from the last known location and that McGee had access to the weapon.

Also on December 17, a third person told OSBI and OBN agents that McGee confided with him that McGee had shot and killed JaRay. That person also said he drove McGee and another individual to the burial location on October 15, 2012 to bury JaRay. That person's description of the location matched where law enforcement had discovered JaRay's remains.

On Friday OSBI wrapped up their investigation at the scene in Weatherford, but a positive identification of the skeletal remains has yet to be made.

The judge cited the seriousness and violence of the crime and the weight of the evidence for denying bond for McGee.

Rodney Wilson, the father of JaRay, sent FOX 25 this statement following Friday's charges:

"We are still waiting on official word and that we are still remaining hopeful. We would also like to thank all of our family and friends along with our media friends from across the country for all of there support."

The judge has set a preliminary hearing for Mcgee on May 3, 2014.