Man attacks son with hammer, knocks out his eye

Police say Clark Yowell attacked his son with ball-peen hammer and knocked out his eye.

A father is in custody and his son is recovering after being hit with a hammer.

Police arrested 63-year-old Clark Yowell Tuesday after responding to the incident.

Police say they were called to Action Water Sports in the 7700 block of Newcastle Rd to a report of a domestic disturbance. When police arrived, they found one man with blood on his arms and shirt.

When they entered the business, they found another man on a bar stool with his right eye missing. The responding officer could see what appeared to be veins hanging down his cheek and something larger attached at the bottom. The officer believes it was the man's eyeball.

The victim initially told police he didn't know what happened but he remembers the other man, his father, hitting him in the eye with a ball-peen hammer. When asked again, he said the two of them had been arguing when he was hit in the eye.

Two witnesses at the scene said Yowell and his son were working on fixing the shop from the recent storms when the son told his dad he would not pay rent anymore because the store was damaged. According to the witnesses, the two argued and the victim began getting into his father's face and bumping his chest. That's when Yowell hit him with the hammer.

Yowell has been arrested and faces charges of violation of domestic abuse and maiming.