Mall siege over in Kenya, forces 'ashamed and defeated'

After four days, the hostage crisis at a Kanya mall has ended

Nairobi, Kenya (CNN) -- Three floors of the Westgate Mall in Nairobi collapsed during efforts to clear terrorists who had laid siege to the building for four days, trapping bodies inside, President Uhuru Kenyatta said in a televised address Tuesday.

Five of the gunmen were killed in the fighting, Kenyatta said. Eleven other people had been arrested over possible connections to the attack, which left 61 civilians and six security officers dead, 62 people in the hospital and Kenya's reputation as a bulwark of African stability in tatters.

"We have ashamed and defeated our attackers," he said in the address, which capped a four-day ordeal in which Kenyan forces battled Al-Shabaab terrorists for control of the upscale mall.

Earlier in the day, sporadic gunfire could be heard coming from the mall as authorities made their final sweeps through the building.

Some 175 people had been injured, the Kenya Red Cross said.

The fate of civilians who may have still been hiding inside the mall or held hostage by terrorists remained unclear. Earlier, Kenyan authorities had said they believed all hostages had been freed, but the Red Cross said 65 people remained unaccounted for.

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