Luther trustee resigns following use of racial slur against town officials

FOX 25 has learned Gregg Atkinson, a trustee in the town of Luther, has resigned.

The news comes just one day after news of his use of the n-word to describe the city's mayor and police chief went public. He apologized during Tuesday's town hall meeting but residents said that wasn't enough and demanded he resign.

You can listen to his apology and hear citizens call for his resignation here.

He refused and released a statement to FOX 25: "In all honesty at the town meeting last night, I got up in front of the town, admitted I made a mistake, and apologized."

Atkinson reportedly said "what is this town coming to today? We got a n***** mayor, n***** chief of police." He also called another city official the same name but the audio was indiscernible.