Lumberjack rescues black bear stuck in a milk can

Sometimes, you just need a little help from a kind stranger. That's the case with this black bear who got his head stuck in a milk can.In a video uploaded to YouTube Sunday, user Vern Styles says after seeing the bear with the can stuck on his head, this lumberjack moved his claw over to pluck it right off.The bear, apparently doing his best Winnie the Pooh impersonation, was stuck in the milk jug for an unknown amount of time. Lucky for him, there was a friendly lumberjack ready to help out. Using his forwarder, typically meant for moving logs, he drove over some farmland and played the claw game, pulling the can from his head and freeing the wild animal.The bear than scampered off as the lumberjack, finished with his good deed for the day, headed back to work.