Looking ahead to a possible wintry week

Busy weather week started with the snow this weekend, butmore winter weather is possible during the week ahead along with very coldtemperatures. Meteorologist Kyle Roberts has the details on what you canexpect this week


Next round of winter weather arrives late Monday nightthrough the day on Tuesday. Temps well be warmer than the storm thisweekend, so chances of a wintry mix for most of Oklahoma looks more likely thanall snow.

However, parts of Oklahoma may see some decent snow totals,which would mainly be northwest Oklahoma. Light snow and rain is possible fornorthern and western Oklahoma early Tuesday morning. Precip will spread over central and the rest of northern Oklahoma through the day on Tuesday. A mix of rain and snow is possible mainly south of I-44 with very littleaccumulation likely. North of I-44 a mix of rain is snow is possible aswell, but better chances for accumulating snow exists.

Snow totals willincrease the farther north you head with as much 3-5" possible for northwestOklahoma decreasing to only around an inch for the north side of theMetro. With temps being the determining factor for what kind and amountof precip will fall, changes to the forecast will happen between now and Tuesday. Stay tuned!


Lost in the talk of the couple rounds of winter weather thisweek is the bitterly cold air that will move into Oklahoma mid-week. Inthe wake of the winter weather on Tuesday, a very strong cold front will movethrough the state late Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.

TempsWednesday morning will be in the low teens with northern areas likely in thesingle digits. Factor in a strong north wind and wind chills will likelybe below 0. Temps will not warm very much on Wednesday either with highsonly in the upper teens! Thursday will be extremely cold as well.

Windswill be less, but morning lows will be in the single digits with high temps onceagain only in the teens. Conditions on Wednesday and Thursday may be the coldestwe've seen so far this season.


The late week time frame brings yet another round of precipback to the state. Since temps will be so cold, all snow looks likelywith this storm system. However, timing and amounts are much more up inthe air. Right now it appears several rounds of snow will bepossible.

A little bit of passing snow is possible on Thursday and Fridaywith more widespread snow possible on Saturday.

Details with this stormsystem continue to change and will continue to do so through the upcoming week.