Logan County wildfire burns over 1,200 acres

Several outbuildings were destroyed in a large wildfirethat swept through Logan County Sunday afternoon.

Oklahoma's Wildland Task Force was deployed as local firecrews battled flames than spanned across an estimated 1,200 acres near CountyRoad 73 and Post Road.

Guthrie Fire Chief, Eric Harlow says more than 20agencies assisted in the effort to bring flames under control. Two dozen homes were evacuated as aprecautionary measure.

Harlow says strong winds caused hot spots from a Saturdayfire in Logan County to flare up into a massive fire around noon Sunday.

Clouds of smoke could be seen from miles away, strongwinds gusting more than 30 miles per hour swept the fire within five feet ofRalph Hanley's home.

"We came outhere and all this here had been burned off," said Hanley, pointing to hisbackyard, "our neighbors had come over and fought the fire to keep it awayfrom the house."

Hanley and his family was still at church when the flamessparked. Hanley says some good neighborsdoused his yard with water while he was gone.

"I'm just happy that it didn't hit our house,"said Joseph Matthews, Hanley's grandson, "because it came dangerously close to it."

Matthews lives down the street from Hanley, theoutbuildings on his family's property was destroyed.

"We were veryfortunate it didn't you know, burn our homes down and no one was hurt,"said Hanley.

The Logan County Fire is just one of many wildfires crewsbattled across Oklahoma Sunday.

"With the winds like they are, it makes our job nextto impossible,"said Harlow.

Harlow says high winds made it difficult to get flamesunder control, but so do dry conditions and cedar trees.

"It's basically like a match stick soaked ingasoline," said Harlow, regarding cedar trees, "it goes up veryfiercely and very fast."

As fire crews across the state fight through Oklahoma'swinter fire season, Hanley says he's thankful for the people who keep hisfamily out of harm's way.

"The goodlord just protected us," said Hanley.

Families evacuated as a precautionary measure were allowedto return home by Sunday evening. Harlow says fire crews will keep an eye onhot spots throughout the night.

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