Logan County gets two new crime fighting tools.

The Logan County Sheriff's Office has two new crime fighting tools, one-year-old German Shepherds.

Sergeant Paul Martin generally works alone at the Logan County Sheriff's Office but now he has a new partnera one year old German Shepard named Max .

"He's got a great nose on him and he bites really hard," said Sgt. Martin.

Max is one of two canines donated to the department. Both dogs are CLEET certified, wear ballistic vests, have badges and are commissioned by the sheriff's office. They are trained to sniff out drugs, money and people, protect their handlers and use their strength to their advantage. But at more than nine-thousand dollars each canine units were not in Logan County's budget.

"To take 18-thousand dollars, that's a car. You know something I could put out on the street," said Sheriff Jim Bauman.

He said without the donations the dogs would not be possible. Sheriff Bauman said they will make a big difference in the community.

"We have probably lost a large amount of drugs that we have had to let go because we could not get to places that a dog could sniff it out."

The German Shepherds have only been in service a few months but have already made several busts.

"They've already hit on money, they've hit on drugs and it's going to be on-going thing for us."

For Sargent Martin, Max is more than just a crime fighting tool.

"He's a great dog. I don't know what I'd do without him. He's like a 4th kid to me."

The donors wished to remain anonymous. The dogs will require weekly training to keep up their skills. They will respond to every call.