Logan County arrests eighth suspect in death of Shawn Masters

The Logan County Sheriff's Office says it has arrested the eighth and final person responsible for the death of Shawn Masters, who authorities say was found bound and burned in a Logan County field on January 31.John Worchester, 39, was arrested in the 1500 block of Douglas Avenue in Oklahoma City around 12:30 Tuesday afternoon. Logan County authorities say he faces a charge of first degree murder in the death of Shawn Masters.Masters' body was found bound and burned in a Logan County field on January 31. Because of the burns to his body, he was unable to be identified until March 31.Just a few days after identifying Masters, law enforcement arrested their first three suspects: Brandy Hanson, Johnny Snow, and Angel Eva Munoz. Logan County authorities say they learned that Masters was attacked after Munoz and Hanson were pulled over in a vehicle that was reported stolen.Logan County officials say Masters was beaten, bound with zip ties, beaten again, and then dumped into a trash can where he was stabbed several times. Authorities say the next day, the trash can that Masters was inside of was loaded into a U-Haul truck and taken to the field in Logan County where he was dumped onto a brush pile and then set on fire. Worchester is the eighth arrest. Also arrested were Munoz, Snow, Hanson, Jessie Dalton, Twila Wise, Tyson Lott, and Quentin Goodwin. Munoz, Dalton, Lott, Goodwin, and Hanson are all charged with first degree murder. Munoz, Hanson, Snow, and Wise were charged with desecrating a human corpse.