Logan County and Guthrie residents set to consider tax hikes

The next time you buy something in Logan County and Guthrie, you could end up shelling out some extra bucks. That's because citizens are preparing to vote on a sales tax hike. Residents in Guthrie are gathering to discuss the pros and cons to raising taxes in their city. Guthrie hasn't increased sales taxes since 1979. Voters will consider two tax proposals on the August 26 ballot. The county is also getting involved. On Thursday, August 14, the Board of County Commissioners will be hosting a public meeting the Logan County Fairgrounds to also discuss increasing sales taxes. Currently, Guthrie taxpayers pay 8.5 percent, which is divided between money for the state, county and city. The proposals would add an extra cent for the city and three quarters of a cent for the county. If both pass, the sales tax in Guthrie would raise to 9.25 percent. Some residents say that's too much and that 8.5 percent is enough. Others believe the hike would help the city grow and improve the community. Logan County Officials say the extra money from the county tax hike would go towards paving county roads, jail costs and safety. Guthrie city officials say they are focused on spending the proposed hike on urban road upkeep, buildings, safety, city salaries and equipment. Voters will be asked to decide on these taxes during the August 26th election. Thursday's public meeting with Logan County Commissioners begins at 6:30 at the fairgrounds. Correction: Video interview is with James Long, a local business owner, not Mike Pearson.
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