Local retailers hoping to make up for lost revenue

The holiday shopping season is in its final weeks, but many retailers say the wintry weather we've had has caused a lag in sales.

Many local businesses, like Uptown Candy in Classen Curve, closed their doors early last Thursday and didn't stay open very long on Friday. During a time of year when sales are supposed to be their highest, it's been a bit of a struggle.

The good news is, now that the roads are clear and the snow has stopped, shoppers are out in full force trying to take advantage of what little time they have left.

"I'm in here buying the last thing to go into a box that's being mailed to Washington D.C. where my sister-in-law and mother-in-law live," said shopper Beth Graves.

Uptown Candy was packed throughout the day on Wednesday with people picking up stocking stuffers and things to send to family out of state.

General Manager Michael Colvert says she was worried when business was slow last week and over the weekend, but she's confident over the next two weeks they'll make up for what they lost.

"This week starting Monday has been extremely different. A lot more traffic, you can tell people are out and missed those few days so they're back in the stores now and thinking of Christmas for sure," said Colvert.

Shoppers say they are feeling the Christmas crunch and are rushing to get those last minute gifts. They're happy they finally have some clear days to get out and shop.

"This is the first day I've gotten out and gone shopping," said Leslie Keaton. "I just realized how few days we have left until Christmas."

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