Live, learn, eat, play: OU announces plans to add "residential colleges"

Nestled in with the current buildings, OU plans for new growth. Part of the plan is recently announced "residential colleges.""These residential colleges will have a huge imprint on the campus and will help build the bonds of community," OU President David L. Boren said in a statement.The colleges are modeled after programs at Oxford and Cambridge. In the US schools like Yale and Harvard have already adopted them."If places like that have done this and obviously have been successful, I think that's a great idea for us to at least try it out," Hunter Birkhead, an OU junior, said.The plan is new housing that not only has rooms and suites to live in but have their own dining rooms, study lounges, classrooms, intramural teams and mottos.Ten faculty members are supposed to have offices in the colleges and some will even live there."I think it will be very convenient- make you buckle down a little bit more so you don't slip through the cracks with your grades," prospective student Madyson Strohl said.The university believes the will help students. OU pointed to research that shows students who live on campus earn better grades, are more likely to graduate and pursue graduate programs. Research also shows these students manage their time better and are better equipped for the job market.Still, not everyone is sold."Not something I would consider," Ellie Field said. "It just feels kind of strict and caged in to have sort of a Harry Potter-style education."No word yet on when construction or completion of this project will begin.
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