Lifestyle changes in Guthrie promote community growth

Officials with Logan County and the City of Guthrie are making changes to keep Guthrie residents healthy and build a better sense of community.

"The whole vision of Guthrie is to make it a friendlier place," said Mark Spradlin, Mayor of Guthrie.
Community growth starts at the Guthrie Community Gardens. As tomatoes, squash, peppers, and eggplants ripen under the summer sun, families get to grown their own vegetables.
"It brings families together when you're out here," said Courtney Thompson with the Logan CountyHealth Department.
Walk down the brick pathway, and you'll find plots lined up side by side, where families, business owners, and volunteers get to know their neighbors.
"It's an investment that people have just latched on to and that the city has latched on to as well,"said Thompson.
"The garden is down there for everyone," added Spradlin.
Aside for mother community garden, city officials are also making Downtown Guthrie more pedestrian friendly.
"We want our sidewalks to be healthy places," said Justin Fortney, Chairman of the GuthrieTransportation Authority.
Fortney says the city is working on building wider sidewalks and installing more bike racks inDowntown Guthrie.
"Fitness is so much easier when it's part of your lifestyle," he said.
City officials say the change not only gets people out of their cars, but encourages them to stop by local businesses.
"The key here is if you're walking or riding, you'll stop, you'll go in, and you'll find out just how friendly the people in Guthrie are," said Spradlin.
Spradlin says building this sense of community also builds a sense of pride for Guthrie residents.
"Guthrie is turning into a nice place to be, we really need to keep it going, and people need to come& see us," he said.