Large grass fire threatens neighborhood in SW Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City and Mustang fire crews battled a grassfire Monday afternoon that came dangerously close to the Thoroughbred Acres housing development. OKC fire crews say the fire started on SW 59th right on the Oklahoma City-Mustang border.

"Because of the wind conditions and the dry fuel in this area, it traveled northeast toward 54th street," said OKC Deputy Fire Chief Kellie Sawyer.

Where fire hydrants were scarce, crews had to fill up tanker trucks over and over.

Wayne Hendricks is a field inspector for the Oklahoma Corporation Commission. It was his job to make sure the flames stayed as far away as possible from an oil and gas rig in the area.

"There's equipment over there that can be combustible. The tanks could blow. We don't want any fire around there," Hendricks said.

While some crews worked near the rig, others stationed themselves on the edge of the housing development on SW 54th. John Pavlovic was woken up by neighbors warning him of the fire inching closer and closer to his home.

"We did lose one structure and part of another one," he said.

Pavlovic's garage was burnt to the ground, along with tools and sentimental artifacts he'll never get back.

"I lost some older machinery that I won't be able to replace," Pavlovic said.

Having worked for the Oklahoma City Fire Department in the past, Pavlovic says he appreciates the hard work crews did, not only to protect his home, but the entire area.

"They got here fast. They knew what they needed to do and they did it," he said.

Firefighters from both Mustang and Oklahoma City helped put out the flames. Crews worked into the evening tackling hot spots.