Kyle Roberts

      Kyle Roberts - FOX 25 Meteorologist

      Kyle Roberts has known he wanted to be a meteorologist since an early age, but he didn't always like the weather.{}

      In fact when he was really young, he was terrified of thunderstorms, and got nervous when he'd see the storm clouds building on the horizon.{} However, that fear quickly turned into a curiosity to find out what was going on, which grew into a desire to go into a career in Meteorology.

      Originally born and raised in Dallas, this passion led him to Texas A&M where he graduated with a degree in Meteorology.{} Before coming to Fox 25, Kyle had internships in Waco and Dallas, and started his full time on-air career in Tyler, TX as a meteorologist for KETK.{}

      Kyle is excited to be working in Oklahoma because of the unique and dramatically changing weather experienced here. {}

      When not tracking storms, fronts, snow, or tornadoes, Kyle enjoys watching sports and spending time outdoors.{} He enjoys pretty much any outdoor activity, but his number one would have to be snow skiing, although a little hard to do in Oklahoma.{} Since heading to the lake is much easier, he also enjoys spending his free time fishing especially doing the spring and summer.

      If you have any questions about the weather or want to chat sports, feel free to send him an email or find him on Twitter (@kyleweather).