Kevin Sweat accepts deal, pleads guilty to three murders

Sobs from family members echoed in the Okfuskee County courtroom as Kevin Sweat said he was guilty of three murders. The surprising change in plea came just days before his triple murder trial was set to begin. Sweat spoke clearly as he said he was guilty of the first-degree murders of Skyla Whitaker, Taylor Placker and Ashley Taylor.

Standing before a judge, Sweat said he understood his rights to a trial and that he had discussed his decision to enter guilty pleas with his attorneys. He only slightly paused when asked if he felt his three-attorney defense team had done a good job on his case.

In a handwritten statement submitted to the court Sweat wrote "I would stipulate that I made statements to [OSBI agent] Kurt Titsworth on August 3, 2011 and September 13, 2011 where I said I killed Ashley Taylor, Skyla Whitaker and Taylor Placker. I stipulate that those statements, the preliminary hearing testimony and the witnesses and exhibits endorsed by the state prove guilt."

Sweat's abrupt change in plea came after prosecutors announced they had additional witnesses to call in his trial. Court documents show two women were prepared to testify Sweat had made statements that he did not like the Placker family. Prosecutors say Sweat had reached out to the two women from jail and those women were going to testify that Sweat blamed the Placker's for his brother's death.

Court documents say Sweat believed one of the members of the Placker family sold his brother "bad drugs" that led to his death. He said he did not believe his brother's death was an accident or suicide. The Placker family did not respond to a request for comment on the new allegations.

Sweat's plea change also came with the condition that he be allowed to meet with agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Sweat has reached out multiple times to Fox 25 over the past two months saying he had information about other crimes that he wanted to share with federal agents if they agreed to listen to his concerns and requests for an investigation into the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.

Prosecutors say the FBI agents were not able to meet with Sweat while his case was pending. However, two federal agents were in court and talked to Sweat after he admitted guilt to three murders.

The judge in the case has yet to set sentencing. He ordered a pre-sentence investigation and said sentencing will happen after that is finished.

Family members of Sweat's victims say they are pleased they will not have to sit through a lengthy trial and are glad the case is almost over.

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