Kevin Durant: 'phone was hacked, pic of me & hookah tweeted'

Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant was defending himself on Twitter late Thursday night and into Friday morning after he says his phone was hacked.

Deadspin reported the hack, saying "Durant tweets smoking selfie, deletes it, says he was hacked". The selfie in question, attached to this story, shows Durant smoking what he later says was a hookah.

The image was sent out shortly after the Oklahoma City Thunder lost 101-88 to the Denver Nuggets in Denver.

Durant deleted the tweet and then sent out three tweets saying his phone had been hacked and he didn't send the message out. Click here to see his tweets.:

Teammate Nick Collison responded to Deadspin's original story saying he saw the tweet on his 'timeline when [Durant] was outside the bus going through TSA security. He didn't send it. Very weird.'

Hookahs are water pipes that are used to smoke specially made tobacco that comes in flavors and are 100% legal.