Kayak fisherman's anger boils after shark snatches his catch

You could call it the one that got away. Just as Jason Downs was about to pull a 12-pound grouper into his kayak, a bull shark decided it would better served for his meal instead.

Downs told that he was hooked on the 12-pound fish off Navarre Beach on the Emerald Coast of Florida last week when the shark jumped in. He posted his video you YouTube, but edited out his profanity.

He said grouper are tough to catch because they live and hide near the bottom and getting one to the kayak is more of a challenge than most fish. So when the shark stole his meal, he was angry.

"I get this grouper up 'out of his hole' and this shark just comes along and helps himself to MY dinner, and that made me angry," he told "However, in the unedited video, you can clearly see when it sank in. I sighed and let out a, 'Holy [expletive].' Then as I was retying my hook you can see my hands shaking, so yeah, after my initial feeling of anger, THEN that feeling of, 'Boy that was really close' sank in."

So after the one that got away, what'd he do next? Dropped bait again and hooked the same shark. He said it towed him around for 10-15 minutes before he got it close to the kayak. That's when he cut it loose.

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