Jevontai Ingram in trouble with the law again

Jevontai Ingram was arrested in Del City earlier this month on several charges.

Jevontai Ingram, the now 19-year-old who was part of an attempted robbery gone wrong, has been arrested again, this time on domestic abuse charges in Del City.Police were called to the Woodcrest Apartments in Del City in late June to a report of a burglary. The victim told police that Ingram kicked in her front door and kneed her in the abdomen. The woman is 4-months pregnant.After the attack, she and her cousin ran outside as police arrived and investigated.Ingram was arrested July 17th and charges were filed July 24th. He's been charged with felony count of assault and battery, two counts of first degree burglary, domestic abuse by strangulation, a misdemeanor count of domestic abuse committed against a pregnant woman, a felony count of malicious injury and destruction of property, and first degree robbery.Ingram was convicted in 2009 as a minor of murder in the death of Antwun Parker. Ingram and Parker broke into the Reliable Pharmacy and were confronted by Jerome Ersland. Ersland was convicted of murder in the controversial case and was sentenced to life in prison.Ingram was 14 at the time of the robbery and was not charged as an adult. He pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit a robbery with a firearm in January of 2010 and was a key witness in the murder trials of Emanuel Mitchell and Anthony Morrison, the two men prosecutors say planned the robbery and provided the gun Ingram used. He spent three years behind bars in a juvenile facility for his actions that night.In September 2012, Ingram ran into trouble with the law again when police arrested him after his mother told investigators he damaged her car. That case was eventually dropped.In May 2013, an Oklahoma County judge issued an arrest warrant after he failed to appear at a court hearing that was a review of his juvenile conviction. He was arrested in December 2013 after he was shot at an apartment complex in Moore.Prosecutors said after his December arrest that they were working to bridge him into the adult system; doing so would mean Ingram could potentially face life in prison for his role in the robbery that left his friend dead.
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