Jay Leno makes return to late night with special appearance on Arsenio

Almost three weeks to the day since Jay Leno signed off from The Tonight Show, he made his first appearance on late night TV.

The former host snuck up on Arsenio Hall during The Arsenio Hall Show on Wednesday with a special announcement.

Leno signaled for silence from the live studio audience as he snuck in to surprise Arsenio with the news that his show had been picked up for a second season.

"We've known each other what, 35 years?" A casually dressed Leno asked Arsenio.

"Yup, you've been a big brother to me," Hall said. "You've given me too much advice sometimes."

That's when Leno pulled an envelope out of his pocket and read that The Arsenio Hall Show was picked up for a second season.

The Arsenio Hall Show airs weeknights at 11:00 on FOX 25.