JaRay Wilson's parents say run away alert system could have brought their daughter home.

State lawmaker hopes a runaway alert system can help families of missing kids like JaRay Wilson.

Nearly a year ago Rodney and Jar Wilson's daughter JaRay went missing in Weatherford.

"I'd hate for somebody to have to put themselves in my shoes and have to deal with it," said Rodney.

An Amber Alert was never issued. "It didn't meet the criteria is what we were told," said Rodney.
"It wasn't a known abduction. She was with friends then all of a sudden she disappeared and they said she ran away," added Jara.

The Wilsons say because their daughter was considered a run-away nothing was done.

"There needs to be more, more out there. It's a child no matter what," said Jara.

"We're looking at a way to create a runaway alert system," said State Representative Joe Dorman.

In a legislative study Tuesday Dorman discussed the proposed system. He said it is similar to an Amber Alert but would only go to law enforcement agencies.

"If they receive that information on their smart phone it might help quickly track down a runaway in their area."

During the legislative study many law enforcement agencies voiced their concerns. Their biggest worry is officers will be inundated with alerts and eventually become desensitized to them.

"If it saves one child it's worth an officer taking an extra 30 minute," said Rodney.

The Wilsons say a runaway alert system could have helped bring their daughter home.

"It's an extra pair of eyes looking," said Rodney.

They hope the system changes before what happened to their family happens to another

"Hopefully within a few hours they will be found. Not 11 months," said Jara.