Jaime's Favorite Things: The Salvage Room

Hi Friends!

Happy Spring to you! I am so ready for some warm weather so I can patio hop and stroll through the Plaza District on a warm day. If you haven't been lately, there are several new businesses moving in.

I'm so excited by how our community embraces new LOCAL businesses here in OKC. It really is something special about our great city!!

One of our newest businesses in the Plaza District is called The Salvage Room. If you've been to the Mayfair Market at Christmastime, you may have met Rachael, Kelsi, Aimee and Adam. The four Mayfair Heights neighbors found they all had a passion for vintage and worked well together in the Marketplace. So when a space became available in the Plaza they went to work.

They put together a business plan overnight, poured their personal collections into the store, and had the place up and running in ten days... just in time for its debut at "Live on the Plaza". Now, they are working the store while working their day jobs and scouring the state and the country for new material for the store.

If you like the weird and the wacky, you'll love checking out every little thing here. They have some "very personal" bones from deceased raccoons, skulls from roadkill, broken doll heads, and shadow boxed bats and beetles!! Definitely a lot to take in.

You'll also find great vintage clothing, dresses, and jewelry. They have cool planters like one shaped like a lamb, another shaped like an old phone. The Salvage Room also features a local artist every month. This month, that artist is local tattoo artist Josh Reynolds. He carves a wooden "plate" if you will.. into different shapes (like the shape of Oklahoma) then paints beautiful state birds on them. I found a great magazine stand at The Salvage Room, took it back to work, and put it in my office. It looks great and is just what I needed.

Because inventory is vintage, it rotates quickly. You can follow what they have in the store on Instagram! They've found that's the new way of marketing and will post something new they have in the store. It's fun to watch what they are getting in every day. Got a friend who "has everything"? I bet you can find them an interesting gift at The Salvage Room. Happy shopping!!




(405) 525-0044

Tue - Sat: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm

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