Jaime's Favorite Things: Riversport Adventures

Who wants to have some fun this summer?

All you have to do is head down to the Oklahoma River. The Riversport Adventures at the Boathouse District is booming right now with lots of fun new things to do. On top of the paddle boating and kayaking, there is now the new Sandridge Sky Slide. It is the tallest dry slide in the U-S. The Sandridge Sky Trail is the tallest sky trail in the world. And now, there is the Rumble Drop. It's an 80-foot free fall. The technology is the same as what they use for avalanche rescue missions so you land slowly and safely on the ground.

I was ready to have some fun but wasn't quite prepared for quite the heights!!

We strapped on our harnesses and made our way up to the sixth floor of the Sky Trail. Our first stop, the Sky Slide which can reach up to 22 miles per hour! The slide was fun but you have to check out my landing!! I think I started speeding up at the end and wasn't sure putting my feet down was the best bet for this great dismount. Check the video!

Then we went back for the Rumble Drop. I'm not really afraid of heights. Your harness is attached to the contraption and you're

supposed to "step off the ledge". That is much easier said than done!!