Is Butterfinger's Super Bowl teaser ad too suggestive?

Butterfinger Super Bowl teaser offers viewers a glimpse at what millions of dollars buys for an ad in the most watch game of the year.

When the Super Bowl kicks off on FOX next month, many will tune in just to see the commercials. FOX was asking $4 million for a 30 second ad so companies are making sure that money is well spent.

This week, Nestlé's Butterfinger released a teaser ad that's more than a bit suggestive. It features a nervous couple, Mr. & Mrs. Buttercup, waiting in a food therapist's waiting room. The couple are personified versions of Peanut Butter and Chocolate looking for 'something more exotic'.

It's for Butterfinger's newest product, Butterfinger Cups, and will be the candy's first Super Bowl ad, ever.

The video was posted by Butterfinger to YouTube with this description: "Peanut Butter and Chocolate's relationship has gone stale... could it be they need a dose of Butterfinger? On February 2, 2014, #CupTherapy comes."

The spot continues with other couples, fish & chips and oatmeal & raisin, in the waiting room. The couple read a magazine "Exotic Snacking" and ends with a

In the spot, an ecstatic cheese & cracker couple rush out holding a very phallic-looking salami. It ends with the Buttercups rushing in for their appointment.