Injured puppy rescued from dumpster moments before trash truck arrives

An injured puppy is the care of veterinarians in Wisconsin about being rescued from a trash dumpster just moments before a truck arrived to hauled it to the dump.A restaurant manager in Oshkosh says he heard whimpering as he dumped boxes at the dumpster. When he checked it out, he found the puppy in a black plastic bag just behind the dumpster and likely would have been picked up by workers. The man he says did it was caught on camera.Bob Lamore manages the Planeview Travel Plaza and says he monitored cameras to try and figure out who the guy is."Garbage there, and you have the bag in his hand, as he walks around behind and places it behind that dumpster," Lamore said.Lamore said cameras show him enter the store, purchase a few things at the register and then leaves. 30 minutes later, another employee heard and overheated puppy, whimpering."I wanted to kill somebody. I can't believe people can do that," Mike Thorp is the restaurant manager who found the dog in need.He said the puppy was in a black bag behind the dumpster. Just moments after he found the puppy, a garbage truck came by."It hurt. It was emotional. We all were. Somebody that can do that to something so innocent is so wrong," Lamore said.Lamore saved screen shots of the suspect and his truck and hopes someone identifies him.The puppy was saved and is now getting care at an area animal hospital. Dr. Kim Everson is treating her and says the puppy has some disfigurement."It became apparent that I think she has an injury to her back end, which is causing the disfigurement, and I think pain, too."Dr. Everson says it's a lot of work caring for a puppy this young, especially because her condition continues to change."I think it's very fortunate that she was found. I think she has a pretty good chance."
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