Injured dog recovered from dumpster

An injured puppy is under the care of vets after being rescued from a garbage bin in Wisconsin. Bob Lamore, owner of the travel plaza the dog was found at, says an employee heard whimpering as he dumped some boxes off and found a puppy in a black plastic bag behind a dumpster. Now Lamore says he has tracked down the man who abandoned the injured puppy behind the dumpsters via surveillance cameras. The surveillance cameras show the man enter the store and purchase a few items and leaving before he returns to the business and dumps the dog nearly and hour and a half later. The man who found the dog says the animal was overheated and whimpering in the bag. Lamore snapped some photos of the suspect and his truck hoping someone will identify him. The puppy is getting care at St. Bernard's Animal Hospital. Vets there say the dog has an injury to her back end but they believe it still has a good chance of survival. (Video Source: CNN)