Incredible: cat chases vicious dog off 4-year-old

A video that is sweeping the internet shows the life-saving actions by a heroic feline against a vicious canine.Robert Triantafilo posted the video to YouTube earlier Wednesday and it quickly began popping up on social media and news sites.Triantafilo wrote that his cat jumped into defend her son from the dog and then chased it away before any serious damage was done.In the video, apparently shot Tuesday, the boy is riding his bike near an SUV. Other cameras show the dog noticing the boy and then circling the SUV and grabbing the boy's left foot and yanking him to the ground. This part of the video may graphic to some.That's when the cat jumps in and throws its body weight into the dog. The dog runs off with the cat in pursuit.According to KBAK in Bakersfield, California, Jeremy Triantafilo, 4, was riding his bike in his family's driveway when a neighborhood dog, described as a Labrador and chow mix, came from behind and bit down on his leg. The dog was violently pulling Jeremy down his driveway when his kitty, Tara, bolted to the rescue. Tara plowed into the much-larger dog and chased it away.The family said they've had Tara for five or six years, after she followed the mother and father home.After Tuesday's attack, police said the boy's mother tried to chase the dog off of their property, and she was attacked, too. She was not hurt.The dog's owner later turned it over to city animal control officials. The dog will be in a 10-day quarantine and then euthanized, police said.
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