Illegal lane change leads to record-setting meth bust

The Oklahoma County Sheriff says it pulled over a vehicle last week carrying 34 pounds of methamphetamines after a vehicle failed to signal in time on Interstate 40.The Sheriff's Department said it arrested four suspects just before midnight on Feb. 19th. According to the report, a blue Chevrolet Trail Blazer failed to signal in time for a lane change and then failed to signal prior to turning onto Rockwell Ave. The deputy pulled the vehicle over at I40 and Rockwell.The deputy said he spoke with the driver who said he did not have a driver's license but provided a Mexico Consular card. The deputy said the vehicle was registered just four days prior to being pulled over. According to the deputy's report, the driver appeared overly nervous and could not sit still. According to the deputy's report, he became suspicious that the driver was involved in criminal activity, citing his nervousness, recent purchase of the vehicle, and recent border crossing from Mexico.The Oklahoma Sheriff Deputy said because of his suspicions, he brought out a K9 unit to sniff around the vehicle. The K9, Thor, is trained to detect marijuana, methamphetamine, heroin, and cocaine.According to the report, Thor gave an indication there were drugs in the vehicle and a probable cause search was conducted. Deputies say that's when they found 20 bundles of methamphetamine, weighing approximately 34 pounds.The driver, 53-year old Miguel Samaniego-Mendiaz, and three passengers, 17-year-old Bianca Samaniego, 46-year-old Alma Pacheco-De La Cruz, and 20-year-old Luis Samaniego-Pacheco were all arrested on aggravated trafficking of methamphetamine.

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