Icy roads across the metro keep police and tow trucks busy

Traffic was backed up across the Metro today because of icy road conditions, keeping police and emergency crews busy. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol says people were driving too fast for the conditions.

"I think we've forgotten how to drive since the last time we had bad weather," said Trooper Betsy Randolph.

A sleety, rainy, slushy mess made just about any trip outside a dangerous one.

"We've seen folks crash into the retaining walls. We've seen them crash into the cable barrier today, and again it all has to do with people going too fast," said Trooper Randolph.

Danny Day is the yard manager at Arrow Wrecker Service and says his crews are working overtime.

"The guys aren't getting any breaks. You don't see any sitting around here. There's no trucks on the premises," said Day.

All day long wreckers were being tracked on a large, digital map, and it was nothing but back and forth from crash to crash.

"Everybody's in a hurry to get home and get warm. Then you throw the water in and the ice on the bridges and it all just catches everybody by surprise," Day said.

Day adds that when the roads are icy like they were Friday, there's no vehicle immune to the slipping and sliding.

"If it's a 4-wheel drive, they don't grab on ice. It's like a cat on ice, it's not going to grab anything. It's just going to go everywhere," Day said.

Trooper Randolph says OHP had extra crews out too. She says the key to getting home safe is simple, drive slowly and leave plenty of room between you and the car in front of you.

For more winter weather driving tips click here.

"If you're going under the speed limit and you're driving safely and you're able to slow down and stop without hitting someone or running off the road, then you're doing well," she said.

By the end of Friday Arrow Wrecker Service anticipates they will have responded to between 40-50 crashes. EMSA officials they responded to more than 50 crashes with injuries.

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