i-Phone making you sick? New Apple operating system giving user motion sickness

Is your i-Phone making you sick? People everywhere are complaining that the new features on the latest Apple operating system making them nauseous or even causing vertigo.

"My sister did text me and she said 'is it odd that I think my phone is jiggling whenever I look at it?' and I said no, its actually supposed to do that," Christopher Sommer said.

He says his sister has gotten used to the movement now and likes the new iOS7 update now. But other says the "jiggling" is just too much for them to handle.

"Things almost seem like they explode. There's a lot of motion in the actually interface that over time just looking at the screen will make you dizzy, have vertigo, kind of feel nauseated," tech expert and co-founder of QuickFix in Oklahoma City, Kayvon Taghizadeh, said.

Doctors mostly blame the new Parralax effect on the home screen. The app icons move as you move your phone.

Taghizadeh said the change may just need getting used to. But for those who really don't like it, you can reduce the amount of motion on iOS7.

Go to Settings -{>}General -{>}Accessibility -{>}Reduce MotionThe motion and complaints associated with it, isn't stopping people from upgrading, Apple expert Justin Tyler Moore said.

"iOS 7 has had more people downloading it that ever before. iOS 6 adoption rates were at, like, 30 percent and we're at, like,60 percent now in just a week of iOS7 coming out. So people are downloading it and updating their phones," Moore said.

"I think a good majority of people are loving this update and think it's a new thing," he said.