Hyper dog flies across living room furniture

Maybe he was pretending that the floor was lava? This dog's aerobatics have landed him the title of 'viral video' after he jumps from couch to ottoman to other couch and back again.

Families with dogs know that sometimes your pup just needs to burn off some energy. For the family behind Life in the Dog House, that's true with their nine dogs!

Gremlin, Meatball, Money, The Stig, Moses, Tejas, Quinn, Sammy, and DaVinci make up this happy family. The dog in the video above is The Stig and he clearly is having a good time jumping across the furniture.

The family behind Life in the Dog House says they donate all proceeds from the YouTube videos to pay shelter dogs' vet bills to help them find forever homes.

The video above was posted almost a month ago and is starting to rack up the views with almost 100,000 watching the aerobatic dog.

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