Hunter says he killed "Chupacabra"

Are these the legs of a chupacabra?

A hunter in Leake County killed a mysterious animal in a repurposed chicken-coop on Wednesday morning.

Some people in the area say it could be the mythical Chupacabra.

The hairless creature was killed in Pigtown - a community in Lena, Mississippi.

Armed with a .22, Matt Hewharrell said was "coon hunting" when he saw the glowing red eyes in the hay.

"This one just wasn't lunging. He was down like a cat," Hewharrell said.

And, unlike a typical coyote, the beast moved to attack, Hewharrell said.

"When I was standing right yonder, he hit right here. And I was seeing the teeth and red eyes. It looked like he was going to jump down there and i didn't give him the chance," Hewharrell said.

"He brought it down here and showed it to me," Wayne Thompson, who owns the property, said.

"And my neighbor who has chicken houses and he says he's seen it over there two or three times," Thompson said.

"He said it run funny like it's front end is lower than its back end," Thompson said.

"They said it was one of them Chupacabra's or whatever. That's what I'd call it because it looks just like it," Hewharrell said.

The hunter still has the corpse - now covered in flies. It's body is almost without hair. Its nails are longer than what most dogs would have on its paws. And it's built unlike any animal these locals have seen in the area.

"My dog, even when it's dead, my dog's been scared of it," Hewharrell said.

Chupacabra is a Spanish word that literally translates to "suck-goat". It's for the myth the creature attacks livestock and draining blood by chomping into farm animals' flesh.

The Mississippi Department of Wildlife and Fisheries reports the "Chupacabra" is a coyote with mange.

Locals, however, are not having any of it.

"I told him there ain't no way because, look at it," Hewharrell said.

He says he dismissed the mange explanation the moment he shot it.

"And I reloaded my gun. I walked over there and I shined the light down on him and I said 'my god!'. And I unloaded again on him to make sure he was dead," Hewharrell said.

And the damage done to the barn means another rumor has also started going around.

"Well it's weird to me and I figure there are some more out there," Thompson said.

Other sightings in Northern Mexico and the Southern United States have been verified as canines afflicted by mange.

Most biologists and wildlife management officials view the chupacabra as an contemporary legend.